Healthy Gut

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HEALTHY GUT Products will help:

  • to improve bowel functioning: one of the most important organs that affects the performance of multiple body systems
  • to strengthen immune support, increase the body's resistance to infections and viruses
  • to normalize the metabolism
  • to improve the skin and overall health

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Coral Club has collaborated with the best nutritionists to create this unique health solution

We do not promise a "magic effect" over one weekend.

Achieving a Healthy Gut is a long-term process, which provides consistent and gentle recovery of the intestine.

Healthy Gut is designed for 30 days and includes 3 phases.

1st Phase includes cleansing of the intestine. The body is released from toxins and parasites (helminth).

Products in the 1st Phase:

  • Super-Flora (stimulates growth of the good bacteria already found in your large intestine, improving the health of your microbiome)

2) Zaferan (helps reduce blood cholesterol, promotes liver and gall bladder health)

3) Black Walnut Leaves (has a high anti-parasitic effect, has a mild laxative effect, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract functions, and has antioxidant properties).

4) Papaya (improves the quality of the digestive process, helps restore damaged intestinal and stomach mucosa, improves immune response and metabolism).

5) Coral Alfalfa (source of several kinds of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, helps to clean the intestines).

6) Coral Lecithin (accelerates cellular recovery, including lymphocytes and macrophages - liver and immune system cells).

7) Coral Burdock Root (helps normalize the metabolism, helps to remove toxins and pollutants).

8) Cascara Sagrada (cleanses the intestines and maintains a healthy flora).

9) Coral Carnitine (boosts one's energy and improves immunity).

2nd PHASE- Normalization of the digestive function

Normalization of the intestinal microbiome functions is the main purpose of this phase. Different groups of microorganism are balanced by restraining the growth of each other.

The 2nd phase includes products that contribute to the recovery of good bacteria, which optimize digestion and regulate the synthesis of enzymes. It is very important to restore these functions.

Products in the 2nd phase:

  • Super-Flora
  • Zaferan
  • Coral Lecithin
  • Assimilator(a complex of enzymes of plant origin. Improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Vitamins A and D contribute to the recovery of gastrointestinal mucosa, vitamin D regulates the synthesis of digestive enzymes and hormones).
  • Coral Artichoke (contains the best hepatoprotectors, has a healing effect on the liver and biliary tract).

6) Coral Magnesium (normalizes the peristalsis of the intestines, bile and bladder; improves the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals; activates the production of energy).

7) AquaOx(plant origin extracts-antioxidants that have a positive impact on the state of blood vessels and cholesterol; have a tonic effect).

3rd Phase- restoration.

In this phase, the digestive function returns to normal. The restoration of beneficial bacteria population continues, which optimizes digestion. In order to increase the number of beneficial bacteria and provide them with the necessary nutrition, the program includes products with a high content of dietary fiber. Enzymes contribute to the proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. The body receives important vitamins and minerals. Amino acids restore protein metabolism. Antioxidants protect the tissues of the digestive system and promote their accelerated regeneration.

Products in the 3rd phase:

  • Super-Flora
  • Papaya
  • Coral Alfalfa
  • Coral Magnesium
  • Zaferan

6) Coral Taurine - is a 'multi-purpose' amino acid, vital for the normal functioning of the body. It improves the absorption of magnesium and has significant antioxidant activity. Promotes liver detoxification and helps normalize the biliary excretory function, which improves digestion.

7) Omega 3/60 - polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for the normal operation of almost all organs and systems, including digestive. Researchers from the Medical School of Nottingham University and King's College (London) have proven that PUFAs have a positive effect on intestinal biodiversity.

8) MSM - is a source of sulfur, the amount of which in the body decreases with age. Nevertheless, sulfur is extremely necessary for the continuous renewal of mucosal cells, because the rate of their regeneration is 1 million cells per minute.

9) Spirulina Tablets - a source of easily digestible amino acids, which are necessary for the synthesis of digestive enzymes.

Water is the most important component during all three phases of 'Healthy Gut'.

Water is an essential component for the gastrointestinal tract functions.

Regular tap water is not the best option, because it often contains unwanted impurities.

An excellent solution is to use mineral composition of Coral-Mine to improve the quality of drinking water. A sachet placed in water enriches it with beneficial minerals, restores water-salt balance, has a positive effect on the kidneys and digestive system functions.

Drinking regime: at least 1.5 L of water with Coral-Mine half an hour before meals or 1.5 - 2 hours after.

As you can see, ''Healthy Gut'' includes 18 Coral Club products.

Note: if you purchase each of the products separately, the price will be much higher


Altogether, the 18 products contain vitamins and minerals crucial for the body: 8 ferments, 11 plant components, PUFAs, carnitine, taurine, probiotics, and inulin. They all work in synergy, strengthening each other's effects.

Despite the complexity of the composition, the set is very convenient to use - just follow the attached instructions, follow simple recommendations on nutrition and do not forget to drink water every day!

Do you know : " All disease begins in the gut"?

Gastrointestinal issues can result not only in poor nutrient absorption (and lead to a number of health problems including diarrhea and constipation), it can also be a reason for headaches, allergies, sleeping disorders, fatigability, apathy, mood swings, etc. Intestine problems can negatively influence the appearance: unhealthy face colour, skin tags, wrinkles, hair loss, dry hair...

If you have any of these issues, they could be symptoms of more serious underlying issues.

Do you know : "An imbalanced gut can lead to stubborn weight gain! "

The best way to balance the immune system is by keeping your gut bacteria healthy and happy!

If you have tried to take care of a digestive issue, mostly it was a short-term treatment of a specific problem in the gut.

For example, it could be taking probiotics after antibiotic treatment or enzymes after an intestinal infection.

However, they give temporary relief, but do not solve the problem as a whole. 

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